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Ever heard a funny song or part of a song

YouTube is full of funny amateur and professional songs it would be a shame if you couldn't share exactly the funniest part of the song. Because who doesn't know it to be sent a funny song but not want to hear it in its entirety.

Show just the funny parts of videos to your friends

The internet is full of funny compilations. Nobody wants to watch the whole compilation just for a scene. Show your friends which video you can't stop laughing at by just sharing the section.

Create new memes on the fly

Memes belong to the internet like water to tea. Easily create new memes by simply cutting the funniest scenes. Give it a suitable heading so that others will understand you straight away.

Be creative and discover your options

Our cutter has thousands of uses, find yours and use the cutter however you want. Inspire others and create great content, then make it public and earn the fame!

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